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Atomation is an end-to-end IoT platform that enables the connection of any object to the internet with easy and fast integration. Our main goal is to let you build your IoT products yourself with easy to use tools while providing maximum flexibility and support along the way. The Atomation platform is comprised of 3 main features:

Hardware Kits

The Atom Nucleus micrcontroller communicates different variables to the cloud through Skins (sensors and actuators).
Read more about Atomation's Hardware Kits

Mobile SDK

Atomation's Mobile SDK communicates information picked up by the hardware and transfers data to the cloud platform. It is easy for developers to build apps on and is integrated with the following hardware kits:
TI SensorTag Mobile SDK
Pointer MultiSense Mobile SDK
Atom Nucleus Mobile SDK
Smart Light SDK

Cloud Database

The cloud platform aggregates information, utilizes big data analytics to discover insights and provides an API.