Dynaquip gains essential competitive edge by connecting its water shut off system WaterCop to Atomation’s IoT Platform.

It seems that no industry will remain untouched by the fast paced IoT trend, now conquering the valve market. With burning ambition to be innovative, Dynaquip, is among the first companies to go IoT in the Midwest. The corporation recently joined Atomation‘s IoT Platform, signing an agreement with promising outcomes. 

Dynaquip has already installed its automatic water shut off system WaterCop in more than 200K American homes. Property managers are learning that water can be a critical damaging threat and more than 2.5M homeowners fall victim annually. WaterCop systems provide homes or offices with round-the-clock indoor flood protection. It works with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home automation systems.

Despite the success, Dynaquip refused to stop there, and decided to integrate WaterCop systems with Atomation’s IoT platform. By connecting the system to the internet, it not only shuts off water when detecting leaks. It also sends real time alerts to owners from anywhere to anywhere. The internet connection will also support business intelligence efforts by providing continuous visibility to Dynaquip. With ongoing reflection of customer usage patterns, product improvement procedures are constantly initiated. According to Rodney Brian, Dynaquip’s President: “Dynaquip has been in the smart valve business for over 25 years and always insists on staying ahead of innovation. The integration with Atomation is part of a wider strategy that aims to provide dedicated services, and not only products.”

Atomation’s IoT platform can connect any device to the cloud with fast integration. The IoT platform is robust, generic and agnostic, thus, it easily connects to any sensor, regardless of where it has been manufactured (by Atomation or third party vendors). According to Guy Weitzman, Atomation’s CEO: “Atomation is seeking to propel companies that wish to advance with the IoT without wasting time, money and resources. We see Dynaquip as a strategic customer, as we are in the midst of establishing our USA offices in the Midwest.”

WaterCop Business Opportunities

The collaboration has massive potential to accelerate sales and improve business operations, yet luckily, it does not put much at stake. The integration doesn’t require vast expenses and efforts, since achieved the existing IoT platform that has the capacity to communicate with an endless amount of sensors. Rodney Brian: “Dynaquip is happy to give customers peace of mind with 24/7 tracking of their properties from anywhere. We will keep investing in the newest technologies in order to maintain the highest standards possible”.