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Dynaquip’s WaterCop to join Atomation’s IoT Platform

Dynaquip gains essential competitive edge by connecting its water shut off system WaterCop to Atomation’s IoT Platform. It seems that no industry will remain untouched by the fast paced IoT trend, now conquering the valve market. With burning ambition to… Continue Reading →

IoT Platform: Everything You Need to Know

In most tech industries, specialization is key, and companies aim to dominate narrow verticals. However, when it comes to the Internet of Things we keep hearing about offerings of the end-to-end IoT platform. This sets a challenge for IoT companies,… Continue Reading →

IoT Increasing Revenue in the Oil and Gas Industry

The IoT is conquering a range of industries achieving efficiency and saving costs (we’re talking billions). The Oil and Gas industry is definitely in need due to lower prices taking hold, and in order to still generate revenue, new technologies… Continue Reading →

The IoT Greenhouse is Growing and Blossoming

One of the most fascinating growing trends in agriculture is the IoT greenhouse. Today, it’s more critical that ever to maximize the quality and quantity of yields. Hindsight is 20 20, and clearly the high investments in smart agriculture were… Continue Reading →

IoT Sports Tech: The Game Changer Elevating Performance

You’re out on the field, looking fierce with your pro sports gear. You warm up. Then take a breath. You rock an all-star performance (or something like that. Let’s not be petty). As expected from the true athlete you are, you’re not satisfied… Continue Reading →

Smart Sensors Enabling Efficient IoT

Sensors. If you’ve been in the IoT industry for a while now, you know that this is where it all begins. Before we delve into smart sensors, why they’re crucial and how to use them, here’s a short sensor brief…. Continue Reading →

IoT Data Mining in a Nutshell

Before we examine the value data mining is bringing to IoT, what is data mining? We’ve discussed in previous posts how cloud connectivity is crucial for IoT. The cloud is needed to gather big data insights and analytics measured by… Continue Reading →

IoT Semiconductors: Setting New Industry Standards

According to the industry analyst IDC, by 2020 the expected amount of connected devices will reach 50B – driving the market value to $8.9 trillion approx. It’s no wonder that a range of industries are adjusting to the new requirements derived from… Continue Reading →

Smarter Agriculture with IoT

Agriculture is not an Internet of Things newcomer. Farming challenges caused by population growth, climate change and so many more have made it one of the first industries to utilize IoT. As IoT is progressing and developing, so is its ongoing influence… Continue Reading →

IoT: Gimmick or Necessity?

A chair that adapts to your exact body type, a snowboard that measures your achievements, or a window that projects the temperature outside 24/7. These all come to mind when thinking of IoT. Yes it’s awesome, we know. But beyond… Continue Reading →

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