Atomation partnered with agrichemical giant Syngenta to monitor greenhouses with the Internet of Things (IoT). Atomation’s IoT platform enables the connection of any sensor to the cloud with mobile monitoring for data analytics.

The Internet of Things is becoming an increasingly growing topic of interest in many industries. The concept refers to connecting objects to the internet and uploading gathered data to the cloud. Agriculture is not an Internet of Things newcomer. Farming challenges caused by population growth, climate change and so many more have made it one of the first industries to utilize IoT. As IoT is progressing and developing, so is its ongoing influence on AgTech. But even today, farmers still face daily obstacles; in order to know how to treat and increase their crop, they need to remotely access information. Precision agriculture is bringing new insights to Ag corporations, not to mention, future predictions.

Syngenta’s IoT Approach

Data collection has been a part of AgTech for decades, but now it is being done more efficiently and with substantial cost reduction. Forget about redundant manpower, outdated expensive devices and waste of resources due to wrong decisions; IoT is automating procedures with a mobile device and a cloud platform. Atomation develops new sensors and integrates with existing ones in order to connect them to the cloud. Data gathered by different sensors in fields and greenhouses enable Syngenta to generate insightful reports that are customized for each farmer (based on location, type of crops and time of the year). By sending real time data to a phone/tablet/PC, it is possible to make better decisions fast for optimal growth.

Growing conditions can change as a result of different parameters and in order to make smart data driven decisions, many measurements are needed. Atomation’s platform is scalable, robust and agnostic. Any sensor can connect to the system without starting over, and agronomists can enjoy the flexibility needed for dealing with a dynamic environment.

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