Smart energy solutions address infrastructure as well. Atomation’s recent partnership with electric utility giant Ameren will enable to detect electric pole health.

Working in the IoT space, our team at Atomation addresses challenges across a variety of industries on a daily basis. In a world that’s in the process of becoming connected, new use-cases are limitless. As a result, we decided to develop a flexible platform. Flexibility means that the platform is agnostic to any hardware, protocol and therefore, use-case. This approach has been our entry pass to solving one of the most fascinating challenges in the Smart Energy industry.

If Atomation was to tailor a closed solution for the smart energy industry, it’s safe to say that it would be in the area of smart grid and energy consumption. Indeed important, and also part of our activities. But when meeting our latest client Ameren, we discovered needs that we had never considered. The American electric utility giant asked to monitor electricity pole health before anything else.

A New Smart Energy Use-Case

Apparently, extreme weather conditions in the Midwest can cause severe infrastructure damages. The collapse of a substantial amount of electricity poles has led Ameren to take action. By placing sensors on poles, it is possible to predict the chances of a fall. This will enable Ameren to fix malfunctions in advance and to save millions of dollars yearly. The collaboration is clearly very exciting from our side as well, as we expect the platform to support millions of poles by 2017.

According to Guy Weitzman Atomation’s CEO: “This agreement is a serious leap forward for us in the smart energy industry. We are eager to continue solving the most painful industrial needs”.

The generic solution can be applied to different facilities and uses such as theft detection, out of the ordinary occurrences and more. Since our software platform can hold the communication between any sensor and the cloud, we are already looking into further projects with Ameren focusing on energy efficiency.

Smart Energy is Everywhere

It doesn’t stop there. When establishing our offices in St. Louis, we met companies from a wide range of sectors. We learned that many agriculture and industrial companies were looking for smart energy solutions. With a mobile SDK integrated with a wide range of hardware types and cloud based analytics, we began tackling different challenges for clients. In agriculture for example, we partnered with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to produce high yielding bio-energy crops. Data driven decision making and automated procedures lead to smarter resource management and therefore to energy efficiency. The concept is simple for all use-cases – decide what you want to measure, easily build apps to configure settings and collect data, discover insights on the cloud and automate processes. By doing so, you’ll not only be energy efficient – you’ll save time and money and your actions will be better adjusted to field conditions.