These are exciting times. The Internet of Things is connecting billions of sensors and devices for a smarter world and now promises to take over the manufacturing sector. Good news for the industry that can gain insights from anything and control any equipment from anywhere wirelessly at incredibly low cost.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects sensors to the cloud and other systems to automatically improve energy and cost efficiency, quality control and overall performance. How does it work? Data is continuously gathered by sensors and translated to meaningful analytics on the database. These insights can be easily shared with the right person, letting him take appropriate action remotely from anywhere.

IIoT can be applied on one of the most important assets in manufacturing – valves. Today’s smart valves may not be the easiest to understand nor operate, and their maintenance is certainly costly. The IIoT is letting manufacturers keep track of all valves across the pipeline efficiently and easily. Data is leveraged to understand how individual valves should be operated, maintained, how malfunctions can be avoided and so much more.

Based on the unlimited benefits derived from the IIoT, together with the minimum effort it requires,  it’s likely that we’ll be seeing this technology more frequently in the coming years. Need additional info? Contact our team of experts at or visit the Atomation website.