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Getting Settled in St. Louis

Atomation has a new home! Last month it officially opened its U.S. headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. CEO and co-founder Guy Weitzman moved to the city with his wife and two children, while CTO and co-founder Eran Keshet will remain… Continue Reading →

4 Promising IoT Markets You Must Know About

I begin almost every blog post writing about the IoT’s endless potential. The internet is being pulled out of our computer screen and surrounding every part of our lives. This concept usually brings to mind Sci-Fi thoughts of humans swimming their… Continue Reading →

Israeli Innovation Driven Through the IoT

Israeli innovation is gaining momentum in the IoT arena. Here are a few reasons: Although portrayed as a futuristic vision, the Internet of Things has become an integral part of Israeli innovation. From sports gadgets monitoring our performance to smart wearables… Continue Reading →

How Can the IoT Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?

How Can the IoT Give Your Business a Competitive Edge? By Matthew Cordasco, MyCrowd QA There are numerous ways to get an edge over your competitors, from offering better pricing to making a higher quality product. One way that’s increasingly… Continue Reading →

The Smart Security System: IoT is IN, Intruders are OUT

Home Automation is a major trend in IoT, and sure, controlling the color of your lights or the temperature from anywhere is cool, but there is one specific area that really caught our attention and out shined the others. Our home is our… Continue Reading →

Supply Chain IoT Driving Business Efficiency

Tight competition and increasing customer expectations are setting new standards for supply chain tracking. The need for monitoring is nothing new and ERP has been powering supply chain management for a while. But today, with new sensors and devices, IoT… Continue Reading →

IoT Platform: Everything You Need to Know

In most tech industries, specialization is key, and companies aim to dominate narrow verticals. However, when it comes to the Internet of Things we keep hearing about offerings of the end-to-end IoT platform. This sets a challenge for IoT companies,… Continue Reading →

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